Group assignment "Group forming"

Please state group name:

Is your group complete?

Who are the team members of your provisional group?

Have you all read the paper "working in groups"?

Do you all understand what it means to work in groups?

What are the benefits of working in groups?

What are the drawbacks of working in groups?

Has each group member thought of a country and an industry for the practical assignments?

What are these?

Which of the country/industry combinations would you like to pursue?

Who have you appointed as spokes person for the group?

What group name have you chosen?

Have you all done your team role test?

What are the differences between the Team Role Test and the Belbin Test?

What is the outcome of the team role test for each of the team members?

What is the situation on diversity within your group?

What disciplines/expertise/team roles would you like to add to your group?

What are the chances that your group will score high during this course?

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